Laser Display Card

Laser display cards convert infrared radiation to visible radiation providing a visual image of infrared light. The cards consist of an infrared phosphor material which stores the energy from conventional light sources (e.g. indoor room lighting, sunlight). As incident infrared light stimulates the phosphor, the stored energy is released in the form of visible light.Hand-held infrared viewers are ideal for observation and alignment, of laser beams with wavelengths between 700 and 1550 nm. The viewer delivers a bright, high-contrast image with edge-to-edge sharpness.
Plastic IR Viewer


Wavelength Range 700–1550 nm
Model number LDC-1550-25 LDC-1550-40
Active Area 25×25 mm 40×40 mm
Peak Emission 610–635 nm
Sensitivity @ 1000 nm 6 mW/cm2
Sensitivity @ 1300 nm 60 mW/cm2
Sensitivity @ 1500 nm >500 mW/cm2
Pulse Damage Threshold (J/cm2) 0.50
CW Damage Threshold (kW/cm2) 1.0
Card Dimensions (mm) 33×55 45×70

Ceramic IR Viewer


Wavelength Range


Model Number


Peak Emission

540-548 nm/651-666 nm

Active Area

25×15 mm

Sensitivity @ 1064 nm >500 mW/cm2
CW Damage Threshold (kW/cm2) 10

Base Plate

Precision ceramic material


wide range, high power indensity


  1.YAG/ fiber laser adjustment

   2. IR laser and LED beam test



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