Portable laser

These portable lasers provide high visibility and stability. This lasers are built from the ground up for continuous high powered operation. 

Portable Laser

Item No
Output Power
AZURE-405PPIII 405nm 5~60mW
AZURE-447PPIII-A 447nm 5~500mW
AZURE-447PPIII-M 447nm 5~500mW
AZURE-447PPIII-C 447nm 5~500mW
AZURE-473PPIII-C 473nm 5~50mW
AZURE-532PPIII-A 532nm 5~200mW
AZURE-532PPIII-C 532nm 5~500mW
AZURE-593.5PPIII-C 593.5nm 2~20mW
AZURE-635PPIII 635nm 5~300mW
AZURE-655PPIII 655nm 5~500mW
AZURE-808PPIII 808nm 5~500mW
AZURE-980PPIII 980nm 5~500mW
AZURE-1064PPIII-C 1064nm 5~500mW
AZURE-1342PPIII 1342nm 5~500mW

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