The Sculpture Field Case

The figure below is first scanning the clay gallop, then rapid acquisition its 3D data which can be used directly for engraving machine or CNC machine tools. Art student’s hand-shape model can be obtained by the 3D scanner, then we can do any edition to the 3D scanning date through the 3D software, modify the model until it has being corrected to the best state, then it can be directly used for printing or engraving.

Clay - gallop

1、clay gallop handcraft physical map 

2、3D data acquisition


3、STL data after 3D scanning

4、Scanning data directly used for CNC machine tools or engraving machine


Using 3D scanning and 3D printing technology, students can take advantage of their unrestrained imagination, regardless of the complexity of the structure, can make the creative imagination into reality entity in a short time, which saves the creation time,help students concentrate on creative thinking, which will greatly stimulate students' interest and creative inspiration, to improve students' ability to innovate, cultivate outstanding artistic talent.

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