Cartoons Design Case

The application of 3D scanning and 3D printing technology in the field of design and animation production

Animation manufacture and design as an important art professional in the field of film and television art. It plays an irreplaceable role in today's society. All kinds of professional art colleges and art professionals are shouldering the task of cultivating excellent animation film and television talent. An excellent animation film works simply by excellent professional production talent is not enough, but also need high-tech production equipment of auxiliary professionals.

Dinosaurs, monsters, heterosexual people appeared in Hollywood movies are not exist in the real world, The design of these roles are mostly from the artist's inspiration,then produce a model with plaster and resin by the artist, and extract the 3D data of the model scanned by a similar 3D modeling system equipment, and then after the carefully edited and modified of the date. The smoothly 3D model of video post production will seamlessly combine a living reality of virtual characters and movie scenes, to create a stunning scene. (United States, In the film“The Chronicles of Narnia series” 3D scanner was used to Modeling)

《The Chronicles of Narnia series》Goat-man modeling scene graph

Fiction movie "Avatar," using 3D printing to shape some of the characters and props

With the rapid development of television and 3D animation industry,  making the film and television production have become increasingly demanding, a variety of actions to support 3D motion capture data acquisition devices become critical equipment in today's 3D animation. Students timely access to high-tech equipment will help students' practice ability,, can maintain a competitive advantage in the workplace after graduation.

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